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cabo meHello World Travelers! I’ve finally combined my interest in writing with my passion for traveling and created this blog. My desire is to share my travel experiences & the experiences of others. So thanks for stopping by, please subscribe below and be sure to follow me on social media (lower right hand corner), and continue to journey with me. Also, if you’re trying to get back to my blog entries, just click HOME or that awesome logo up above and “she’ll” take you back to the map. WELCOME TO MY WORLD!

Who is a Travelista?

A Travelista is a play on the word Fashionista. It is anyone whose passion is to travel; a person with a strong desire to discover the world. Travelistas are natural explorers who see Travel as Creative Expression, Places as Artwork, and the World as a Canvas; A Travel Connoisseur.

Mission: To see the world 1 city, 1 state, 1 country at a time!


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